The big three!

Kalen turned three this weekend, so we all headed down to his house to celebrate and have a nice visit. There were plenty of goodies to eat (and awesome paninis- both gluten-full and gluten-free!) There were also lots of presents to be opened. I was a little surprised at how jealous Nora was, but I think she may have been remembering Christmas and all the gifts she got to open.Luckily, there were plenty of relatives and toys to distract her.
Tara made an amazingly delicious (and also gluten-free) strawberry shortcake per Kalen's request. He requested it last year as well, and I expect next year we may have the same; nothing wrong with strawberry shortcake!
Nora loved the strawberry shortcake. She ate her entire piece, then most of mine, then a few more bites later of the strawberries Kalen had left behind on his plate.
Wylie was so great during the party. Every now and then you would hear someone yell, 'Who wants him next?' and off he would be to the next set of arms. By the end of the night he was ready for a little alone time and went right to bed.
Before the end of the party we got to watch a puppet show put on by Tara. We set the kids down in the 'theater' and the show began!
It really was an academy award-worthy performance.
Unfortunately, the audience didn't realize that it wasn't an interactive show. Nora had to be distracted for part of the show so she wouldn't pull it all down.
The kids (and adults) had a great time helping Kalen ring in his third birthday. Later we headed home to our dog/house sitting job where we're staying for the week. Yesterday we went for a nice ski/snowshoe, so be sure to check back tomorrow for those pictures!


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

uuuum, does shane have dirty facial hair??? hooray for puberty at 28!!

Caitlyn said...

Haha- yes!

Rachael Dunton said...

you are such a good blogger, now that I started I appreciate the art even more. looks like an excellent bday celebration. love the pics.