A visit to the archives

Alternatively titled: I'm sorry, I have no new pictures for you.
You read right, folks. Believe it or not I don't have a single new picture to post here, unless you're interested in a dozen or so shots of the stop light down the street. I've been taking a photography class and part of my homework was to play with aperture and shutter speed, which did not involve Nora.
(Not because she isn't a willing subject, but because sometimes I like to try a little harder in my work, push myself a little farther. Like down the street. To the stoplight.)
So, because it's snowing hard outside at the moment and I'm feeling all warm and cozy here in our tiny apartment, today you'll be treated to a little walk down memory lane. Or, in this case, a stroll through the archives of my photo library. Shall we begin?
To start, a candid from our wedding.It was a totally dry affair. Not a drop of that repulsive wine or beer to be seen. And look how prim and proper I was as a result!
This next shot is from a trip I took to Seattle with my Mom and two sisters for a good friend's wedding. We brought along Kalen because, well, he was only two months old.
In all likelihood I was probably pretending to nurse him inside my sick little mind. Little did I know of the torturous nursing experience I would endure in the next year.
Speaking of the coming year- this picture was taken a few weeks before Nora made her arrival. Can you tell which one is me? (Hint: I had recently swallowed a beach ball.)
I'm not sure what to say about the next picture.
Take from it what you will.
While Shane was away letting the good times roll and attaching clothes pins to his face, I was laboring away to deliver this bundle of goodness.I'm just kidding, you know.
Shane was there the whole time, never once fainting.
I was very impressed. That last photo represents the bane of my existence. If any of you have listened to Shane describe, in all it's glory, his 'chair' then you know what I'm talking about.
For everyone else, I'll just say that Shane and I are a bit divided on whether this chair will ever make it inside our future house.
We love Hermione.
With that said, I can't really explain how this photo came to be in my photo archive. I'm definitely blaming Shane.
Well, you've reached the end of this exciting photo tour, and to thank you for reading this entire post, I've decided to let my guilt-ridden self off the hook and snap a picture of Nora. I had just let her eat two (gluten-free) cookies. Once I had taken the picture, I let her have a look at it. She immediately said, 'Nora. Cookie. Face.' Then ran off to grab the washcloth.
That side of her comes from her Nanny, I just know it.

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Keatons said...

Love the trip down memory lane. So glad I didn't miss that wedding, it was like the best ever.