After being nagged by my husband repeatedly, I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw a few pictures up here. I finished editing the wedding pictures and sent them on their way on Wednesday. I feel great about finishing them, but now need to find a new photography project. I have nothing on my schedule until June! Enough of my babbling, though, and on to the real reason you all read this- Nora! Here she is modeling the mitts and hat that Kate, a friend and the first bride I 'officially' photographed, knitted for us.
The morning after the wedding Nora rooted around in my bag, found these and spent the next twenty minutes or so playing dress up.
A few days later, (who knows what day, it was so long ago!) Nora and I decided to do some baking for Shane, who had missed out on his yearly birthday cake since his actual birthday had fallen so close to Thanksgiving and at that point we were stuffed full of junk.
We made a delicious, gluten-free chocolate cake drizzled with homemade caramel sauce and filled with vanilla buttercream.
We had to stop for a tea break halfway through, using our favorite tea cup, of course.
Later in the week, we drove to Camella's house for some visiting and playtime.
Nora found this homemade crown hanging around and wore it for the afternoon. I think we're going to have to make Camella another one, though, because it didn't fare very well in the end.
Here we have my favorite part of that afternoon- the new baby! Camella has a new baby sister, with a sweet name: Anna!
The girls had a great time 'playing' with Anna. Camella is already a fabulous big sister, often giving her new sister kisses and worrying about her. Nora was a big fan, too, and was surprisingly very gentle and sweet with her. (And no, it didn't make me want another one now, as sweet as she was.)
Most recently (well, about a week ago) Melissa, who I went to high school with, brought her son Wes over for a visit. It was great to catch up, seeing as neither of us could remember the last time we had seen each other. Wes is so sweet, and though Nora is a little taller, Wes has almost got her beat in the weight category. There's a reason we call her our munchkin!
Well, stay tuned everyone. I've got more pictures to post in the next few days from our recent weekend in Vermont and of course, the wedding!


Rachael Dunton said...

Has that teacup been around forever? It reminds me of childhood. I am looking forward to the wedding pictures and I also wanted a picture of the cake, yum.

tiffany said...

I love these pictures. I really like the ones with the mittens. They made me laugh. Shes growing up so fast. Be home in may after the twins are born. Love you all.

Tara said...

I love your new banner pic! And where is the bear companion mug? I loved those so much . . .

Did you hear about/see the photo on the fridge in Dixmont that Kalen thought was a pic of Nora, until Mom and I convinced him it was actually you, until a day later when Mom realized it was Hay! I never noticed the resemblance before! :)

Caitlyn said...

I do love that tea cup. Tara, I haven't seen it's companion for years and years; I barely remember it! I heard about the picture of Hayley, too. It's funny, because just this past weekend Chris Jolly said that he thinks Nora looks a lot like Hayley!

Hayley said...

Nora is adorable.
Of course she looks like me. =]