A Sweet Treat

Last weekend Shane and I took Nora out to a local farm for Maine Maple Sunday. Each year, maple sugar houses around the state open their doors to the public so that everyone can see how they go about making maple syrup. We met Tara, Josh, Kalen and Wylie at a local farm to test out their syrup and have a little fun.
Unfortunately, unlike the farm we visited last year, this year's farm only had one activity- watching sap being boiled. While interesting to a newcomer, this is kind of boring for anyone who has already seen it. Also, the kids weren't all that interested, because, let's face it, it was basically just a vat of boiling liquid.
We were hoping there would be some trails to walk or animals to pet like last year, but there wasn't. No big deal, though, we could make our own fun. We did some running! So exciting! At least it was until Nora started getting a little cold. Notice her huddling in the bottom right of the next picture.
And a close-up of the poor freezing girl.
So we headed inside, where the real excitement was- free coloring books and ice cream samples!
The kids definitely enjoyed this portion of the day.
Nora couldn't seem to figure out why her foot had ice cream on it.
Here Nora and Shane relaxed and ate their ice cream. I can just imagine him singing to her: "My buddy! My buddy! Wherever she goes, I go, too. My buddy, my buddy! My buddy and me!" (If you don't know the commercial it came from, just ignore me.)
Finally, a nice little image to leave you with for now. She's just gorgeous, isn't she. A real special little girl.


Hayley said...

Hahahaha Nora's a cute huddler! And she must take after her mom....nose picking and all.

ToJen said...

where are her gloves?grandma

Rachael Dunton said...

Great pictures. Your blog makes me smile every time. I didn't know you were a nose picker, hard habit to kick I guess. You taught Nora well.

Caitlyn said...

It was such a nice, sunny spring day when we started out that I almost didn't bring her hat! My Mom will say the same thing when she sees the blog.