Good Bye March-

And hello April! I am so excited to welcome this month, not only because it's my birthday month (hint, hint) but because it means Spring is officially here. (Okay, I know officially it was in March, but now it really feels Spring-y.) Granted, it's not that unusual to have a little flurry or even a snowstorm at some point in April, but still, things are greening up, it smells like dirt, and I don't (usually) have to bundle Nora up to within an inch of her life to go outside. In fact, we took a nice walk with Barkley tonight and I made a delicious lasagna that I pretended was Spring-like by adding zucchini. Yes, I'm original.
Speaking of original, a couple nights ago while I was relaxing at the laundromat (yes, I really do love going there) Shane and Nora were at home having a bit of fun.
Apparently Nora really wanted to wear her baby in a backpack like Shane and I wear her in our Ergo, so Shane fashioned a little carrier for her.
And yes, that's one of Barkley's leashes. Ingenious, I say.
I thought I might throw in this picture to finish up this little post. Yet another example of what a special, special girl we have.


Anonymous said...



love nnnnnorrraaaaa

Kurtis and Melissa said...

We love carrying Wesley in our carrier too , Nora just wanted get in on the fun! Very creative configuration Shane:-)

Rachael Dunton said...

Happy Spring,
I love April too!
Almost our birthdays,
what should we do?
(we really love rhyming in kindergarten)

Love the baby carrier, very creative Shane.