Over the last few days

We recently got to go over to Camella's house to play for the afternoon. It's finally warm enough to really start some work on the farm, so Camella's parents have plenty of work to do, never mind the fact that they also have a new baby! Nora, Camella and I spent the morning digging and playing in the greenhouse, which was a balmy 60 degrees or so. Lovely!
The two girls have been getting along so great lately. There have been no instances of biting or hitting as of late, and they even hug and hold hands on their own occasionally.
We got a little fancy this morning after heading over to the dollar store for some elastics. Nora calls these her 'pony hair'.
I know I said I would post pictures from our VT trip, and I will, as soon as we get our computer back from the 'cleaners'. Have a great weekend, everyone!


tiffany said...

love her hair, it's finally long enough to put it up. I remember trinity was the same age when her hair was long enough. Maybe my next little girl, her hair will grow faster. we will find out soon. love you.

Hayley said...

AWWW Nora's hair is cute like that!!!!!!!

Rachael Dunton said...

Love the picture of the girls holding hands, so sweet.