At the beach

Well, here we are at the beach, and we're absolutely loving it. The weather has really been amazing and we've been able to spend lots of time outside every day. Nora, though initially pretty freaked out about the ocean and it's giant waves, has now become comfortable enough to play on the beach, though she still has no interest in doing any wading. I don't blame her, though, because the waves are pretty huge, plus the water is mind numbingly cold. Or foot numbingly. You get the picture; it's really cold. She does enjoy walking along looking for shells (in the drier parts of the beach) and of course, watching the beach acrobatics that go on.This is the end of the path that leads from the house to the beach. And that's Meg, Chris and Gavin making their way ahead of us as we all went for a walk.Gavin and his favorite guy.
Sweet little Gavin wasn't very excited about the ocean at first; in fact he was pretty terrified. However, after a little cajoling and playing with his parents he was used to it enough to hang out with us on the beach.
Okay, I will admit that Shane might be riding a bike in this picture with Nora on his back in the ergo; however, I will say that he was riding around in circles on the driveway in front of me and I wouldn't let him go faster than, oh, 2 mph. Nora loved it, of course.
Here are Nora and I at the beach this afternoon. See how relaxed and productive I am while on vacation? I get pictures up on the blog the day I take them! Maybe I should go on vacation much, much more often.
And finally, our little girl who we can't get enough of. Can you see why?


Tara said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time! Little bit jealous over here . . . ;)

How about some videos of Nora and Gavin?

tiffany said...

I love the top picture in that cute sun dress. She looks so much like you in the picture of you too. Looks so pretty there. I am very jealous.

Rachael Dunton said...

Take me with you next time. What a great vacation. Love the pictures and videos.