Today we took a nice hike up Bald Mountain in Camden with our (new) friends Stephen and Molly. We met them through Josh's restaurant, Brevetto, where Stephen and Shane work. The hike was really fun; the weather was beautiful, not too cool, and the views were great the whole way up. Once we got to the top it was a bit windier and cold, so we broke out Nora's winter hat and mittens, and didn't hang out too long. Overall, though, it was really nice to spend some time outside in the warmish weather. We took a few videos during the hike, but none worthy of the blog. Shane did (accidentally) take one that was forty-two minutes long from his coat pocket. I deleted that one. Here's Nora on the ride home discussing, among other things, our dinner plans. Enjoy!


Britta said...

Thank you so much for my new favorite form of entertainment. You are raising a true Mainah there!

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

yesssssss, i am OBSESSED with this new video camera-i think your bday gift was a gift to all of us who read your blog....my neice is "wicked cute":)