And only a week late! I've finally managed (I think) to figure out what's going on with my computer, and as a result, I finally can get some pictures up here. We had a great Easter weekend spent at my parent's house. We went up the night before and visited with the Dunton's, who came out for a mini duel birthday celebration. My birthday is the 13th and Rachael's is the 16th. After a nice visit and lots of good food, there was important work to be done. I had been buying things here and there for this basket for weeks, so when it was finally all assembled, it looked like I went a little overboard. (I did.)
The next morning the kids were up bright and early to come downstairs and see if the Easter Bunny had visited. Nora immediately gravitated to the presents the Easter Nanny (I mean Bunny) had left.
A chocolate egg; what more could you ask for?
Dad hung out with Wylie for a while; he hasn't yet reached the candy-obsessed age.
Here Nora takes her first bite of chocolate of the morning. Many, many more followed.
We can't get enough of this little boy!
I was kind of tentative about posting this picture because I thought Tara might be less than impressed. (Are you?) But then I realized if it had been about half an hour before anyone could have snapped the same shot of me dancing and clapping my way around the table with the kids. It's just what we do.
Here Evan, our new babysitter, reads to Kalen. No, seriously, I'm thinking about hiring him to be my new 'manny'.
"Hmm. I don't see anything yet."
Nora was such a good sport to put on this dress. Or, rather, to let me put this dress on her. It was mine when I was a kid and also worn at Easter. (I think- at least that's what it looks like in the pictures.) I really love this dress; Nora and Shane, not so much.)
And because this all happened over a week ago, I thought I'd throw in a picture of what we're doing now. This was actually taken today. Miraculous, I know. We're down in North Carolina visiting the Outer Banks with our friends Meg and Chris and their son Gavin. Many, many more photos will come from this trip, but here's little Nora enjoying the sun and sand. (And yes, she has plenty of sunscreen on.) Enjoy!

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Tara said...

No, of course I don't mind you posting that pic. :) That's the great thing about having kids - it gives you an excuse to be a kid again yourself, with no fear of embarrassment if you get caught!

Love the b&w shot of Wylie!