Well, it was going to be great.

A great post, that is. I had plans for numerous photos to be posted with well-written descriptions for each, occasionally resulting in a deep belly laugh or at least a smile from the reader. It was going to be wonderful, really. Until I started putting my pictures on the computer. Apparently, the 'cleaning' our computer was supposed to get wasn't that thorough, because I still don't have enough memory to edit more than these two pictures. As soon as I start to work I get a message about my 'scratch disks', which sounds kind of sketchy, in my opinion.
I'm still going to post these two photos, though, because I have been meaning to for the past month. These are from our trip to Vermont. We had a wonderful time visiting Meg, Chris, and Gavin, and were joined by Nick, Alli and Ken. (These are all great friends from college.) This first shot gives you an idea of what our trip revolved around- eating! Meg and I love to cook, and really enjoy cooking a big meal together. We usually spend a lot more time in the kitchen when we visit, but while the kids are young, it's a little harder. We'll have plenty of opportunities soon as we are going on vacation together! (And we'll have husbands around to pawn the children off on. That's what they're there for, right?)
I'm so glad I chose this as my second picture to edit before the stupid memory gave out. (Remind me again what the heck we're paying the computer guy for??) This is little Gavin Gordon; he is such a sweet boy! I was sick when we visited, and had to hold back from kissing him for fear of passing on whatever I had. (Watch out for me next weekend, Gavster!)
I figured you might want to see a little Nora action, but as I can't really do much photo editing, I guess I'll have to post a video. Poor you.

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