Vacation: Part Deux

Towards the end of our vacation, we decided to have a little fun and bought a kite. The winds on the beach were pretty intense, so we assumed we would have no problem flying the kite. Here Chris, with Gavin on his back, prepares to send it up. If only it were that easy.
Meg and I look a little ridiculous here but only because we were both laughing so hard we couldn't really stand up straight. Seriously, look at me. I was probably trying not to pee my pants in this picture.
Looks like we got it up, huh? Too bad it only lasted about seven seconds.
On the way back we perched Nora on the boardwalk. See, see how windy it is?!? Anyone could fly a kite in this weather, right? Nope.
"Hey Nora, make your weird face."
She's got this down pat.
A couple family shots before heading back to Maine.
Who's the geek who wore the Outer Banks sweatshirt in the Outer Banks?Shane woke up early and trekked over to this beach for the shot. Just gorgeous. Hopefully someday we can make it back there again. Thanks for a great trip Meg and Chris!

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