House Hunting

As the title aptly describes, Shane and I have recently been house hunting. Actually, in all honesty we've been looking for a house for the last year. Who knows if we'll ever actually buy one again. We aren't exactly known for making a choice and sticking with it. Anyhow, we found a house about ten miles from Shane's teaching job that was in our price range and looked beautiful in the pictures. We decided to check it out today.
It really is a nice house. It's over a hundred years old, but in 2006 was stripped down to it's studs and redone. There are some great wood floors in the house and a pretty nice kitchen with super high ceilings. (Of course, heating costs come to mind with that lovely feature...)
The first floor has a kitchen, a living room, and a guest room with an attached full bath. Oh, and it has a wrap around porch! (Can you tell I liked it?)
The second floor has a master bedroom, a bathroom, and a smaller bedroom with a little playspace perfect for a kid.
There is one major drawback, however. It sits right next to a building company that has been known to use loud equipment. Anybody have experience with this?
There's always something, especially in the price range we can afford! Oh well, we'll continue to investigate it. At least we have this little cutie to keep us occupied for the time being!


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

i like that place a lot....and i like my spare bedroom:) i say go or it-noises, schmoises.....i dunno what i'd do without the trains and car alarms and street cleaners and gun shots...really, you learn to like it:)

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

oh, and also....i really like the open cabinets...i dunno if i've ever seen cabinets in a kitchen with no doors...that would force you to be neat i guess(i need that) and is that kitchen table midgetized? why does it look so small? i still love it-the kids room reminds me of Full House

ToJen said...

Hi Guys! Grandma misses her Nora!

Hayley said...

Just make sure there aren't any ghosties floating around.

Anonymous said...

think about it, i lived practically next to the railroad tracks for the first 20 something years of my life and i always slept right through the train...you get used to these things