One Year

This past Sunday, Father’s Day, was Nora’s first birthday. It seems a little crazy just to be typing those words. Shane and I sat next to each other last night as we gave Nora a bath and marveled at one another- we have a one year old! Of course, about a year ago we did the same thing, whispering to each other over the head of our sleeping newborn- we have a daughter! I’m not sure every birthday will feel this special to me so for now I’m just savoring it.
This last year has seemed significantly longer than any other in my life. I know that for a lot of parents, the time just flies by, and some moments did feel that way. However, those first three (okay, four) months felt as if they dragged on for years. It was a rough period of time, one in which we got to know intimately the ways in which Nora liked (or didn’t like) to be bounced, swayed, rocked and jostled. It was exhausting, it was overwhelming, and it was life changing. I’m sure it is for all new parents.
Now, although definitely not experts, we finally feel at home with this parenting thing and amazingly enough it only took a year.
Happy birthday, sweet girl. We love you so much.


tarambarker said...

Happy, happy birthday, Nora! Although it's hard to believe you're a 1-year old, I have to agree that you definitely deserve that milestone - it's been one LONG year!

Here are some stories about your Birth Day:
- Your aunt Hayley was too squeemish to stay for your birth - she has some nudity issues. ;)
- Your cousin Kalen was there for almost the whole thing before falling asleep, and made lots of noises with your mom to help "sing" you out.
- As soon as you were born, your mom looked at your face and thought you were a boy.
- I got to cut your umbilical cord. :)
- In those early hours, you were so mellow and relaxed - NOT a good indicator of your personality, I might add!
- You didn't have a name for quite a while!
- If I remember correctly, you sported a Red Sox cap from Day 1.
- You were absolutely beautiful. :)

I love you, Nora Fedora!

Aunt Tara (and Uncle Josh and Kalen)

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

yay yay yay! a new post! how was her party?...did she get a smashycake? did you get my onesie yet? shes precious:)

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

oh! and ps-shane ALWAYS used to stick his tongue out JUST like that shot of her on...a slide?...what is that?

ToJen said...

Lifei is wonderful cause you're now in it my little Nora bug yet it stinks cause I can't squeeze you and tell you how much grandma loves you!Remember that it doesn't matter how far away you are, you own a hugh part of grandma's HEART!!!!!Love you Norabug!

Britta said...

oh my god, i'm crying. I can't believe you have a 1 year old, and i can't believe I missed most of the first year of this amazing little girl's life. i still have faith that someday we will raise our children together (although yours will have quite a head start on mine). Thank you so much for keeping this amazing blog so I can keep up with this beautiful child's life from 2000 miles away. I miss you guys! Love, Britta

Hayley said...

awww I love the picture with her "sniffing" face. =] She's so cute!!!

Happy birthday Nona!!
I shall forever call you that!