Thanks for the comments from everyone on that last post. I'll be sure to show you all pictures of her party after this weekend. Now we're waiting for Camella to show up and I'm wracking my brain, trying to figure out how to keep her occupied for the next seven hours when it's so rainy out. Nora is a bit under the weather. She's had a cold for a few days and is a little clingy. That's the sign that she's sick- she's never clingy otherwise!
This past weekend we were down south with Debbie and Cindy taking part in another yard sale. It was a gorgeous day that finally felt like summer, so of course we had to break out the wading pool.
Nora loved every minute of it, but I think she especially enjoyed the naked part of it. She is her father's daughter, through and through.
The next day, Sunday, we drove to Belfast to welcome Shane home after he took part in the Trek Across Maine. We were so proud of him- he biked over 150 miles! Here he is, with our friend Greg and Nora, who is sporting her birthday present from her Dad. She'll be wearing this quite often over the summer when we get the new bike trailer!
(Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!)I like to pretend that Nora's just laughing in this picture, not screaming her head off hysterically because I'm not holding her. For four and a half seconds. Of the whole day. (This is the day the cold began, if you can't tell.)
I'll try to post again soon, but I have to warn you- this next week and a half is going to be chaotic. We're packing and moving, Shane's finishing up school, then has a three day conference, strawberry season starts next week (and we pick and sell), I'm still watching Camella and the week after next I start up again at the daycare, working two days a week while Shane hangs out with Nora. Whew! That seems like a lot more once typed. I'll leave you with one more picture, to tide you over until I get back here.Oops, sorry, was that inappropriate? Too bad, I thought it was cute! Have a nice day everyone!


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

precious yet again...."tide" you over...it gets me everytime....i will still always say tie you over. have a good week!

ToJen said...

Nora you have your dads butt too!