It's about time I wrote a new post. I had to get that gross meat picture off the top of the page!
As usual we've been up to our busy ways. We took part in a multi-family yard sale this weekend and actually made some money, which was awesome. (Getting rid of lots of junk was pretty great, too.) We've got another one next weekend, and I'm already scrounging around to see what else we can find.
Yesterday Shane, Hayley, Nora and I drove down to Tara and Josh's house to hang out with Kalen. This Thursday is Tara and Josh's wedding anniversary, and to celebrate they went on a nice picnic. We went to a nearby playground and then a beach before they left and snapped some great pictures. This first picture is of Josh holding Kalen. He doesn't appear much on the blog. In fact, I'm not sure he's ever been on here, but that's only because the poor guy works 15,000 hours per week at his restaurant and two shops. Yup, he's busy. Yesterday, however, he had the day off and we were finally able to hang out with him!What isn't to love about this picture? There go the guys, pushing the kids while the three sisters hang back and visit. Nora dipped her feet in the ocean and got them, well, damp. She was not interested in splashing around too much, probably because it was so cold that the beginning stages of hypothermia began when I waded in past my big toe.Here's poor Hayley, wandering off on her own, despondent and depressed at the state of affairs in our world today. Just kidding; Tara and Kalen are just out of the frame on the left.Thank goodness Tara and Josh live almost beside this beach. With temperatures in the nineties inland, we really needed to be on the water today. Hope everyone else is keeping cool!
By the way, thanks to Hayley for using (stealing) my camera to get some of these great shots!

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

adorable! nora looks slightly somolian-are you feeding that girl? :)