Beach Babies

A little while ago I mentioned that Nora, Camella and I had spent some time at the beach. We had a great time at the park, playing on the playground, having a picnic on the grass and gradually making our way down to the ocean. I set the girls up on their towel, slathered them in sunscreen and relaxed.
The girls had such a great time splashing around in the warm water. Normally, the ocean along the Maine coastline is freezing anytime of the year except August- and even then it's not warm. This day, however, we were on a beach that has a very gradual descent, and the tide was coming in at a rate that allowed the hot stones on the beach to warm it up to the level of bath water. Does this make sense to anyone besides me? In any case, the girls just sat in the water for long periods of time until the wrinkles set in and the tidewater was deep enough to feel cold.
Eventually we all made it back to the towel, where we warmed up and had another great snack, provided by Camella's mom-
And the perfect end to this sunny day? A nice nap on the way home.

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Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

i love her...this is the real meaning of "beach babe"...camella is so sweet too-will we be meeting her in august? i hear you are sleeping in a tent now?....hmmmm-i dunno how i feel about this...are you protecting her from mosquitos and the like? i still have scars from last years maine mosquitos! :)