An Afternoon Together

Another fun day was spent mostly outside for Nora and I. We got up with the sun to take Shane into work, then had the day to ourselves. We first headed over to Waterville to visit Emily and Casey and the new sweet little boy, Jonas. What a cutie and so tiny, too! It doesn't seem like so long ago that Nora was that small, but then again, she isn't that big now. A little sneak peak for those who haven't met him yet-
For the rest of the day Nora and I headed back to town to wait out Shane. We picked up some lunch and brought it down to the water. Once again, Nora was enthralled by her new favorite toy, the grass.
I tried to relax and have some lunch, but as many of you know, Nora doesn't understand the concept of relaxation. She was off, crawling down the hill, within a few seconds.
I ran after her and dragged her back a few times until she was distracted by the large, granite bench I was sitting on. That kept her occupied for close to a minute.
She was soon bored again, though, and took off. I had to run to catch her before she disappeared.Just kidding, she was only about ten steps away. I do love a nice wide angle shot. We spent the remainder of the afternoon playing with leaves and sticks and napping in the car. It was a simple but satisfying time, just what I love. Have a good day, everyone.


Britta said...

ahhh a nice nap in a warm car. i know how much you love a good car nap.

ToJen said...

Ithink she was trying to get to grandma Jenny's house.Love you Nora Bug!!!!!