It's days like these that remind me why I love living here in Maine. Nora and I went outside before breakfast this morning and didn't want to come back inside. At 7:45am it was already gorgeous and the rest of the day was no less beautiful.
Granted, this thermometer was in the sun, but so were we, and it was lovely. We took a nice walk around the perimeter of the field, dawdling so as not to have to go inside, but our stomachs were rumbling so we reluctantly headed in. Nora wasn't so unhappy when I brought out the yogurt and cereal, though.
Later in the day, after a nice nap together in the sun on the couch (just heavenly!) we went back outside. This time it was much warmer and even more sunny. I don't think Nora could remember the last time she crawled around on the bare ground. I plopped her down and she literally sat in one spot for ten minutes, she was so transfixed by the new textures.
She finally figured out she could crawl-
and was off like a bandit. Possibly the cutest bandit I've ever met.
It was such a lovely day, and so sweet to watch Nora explore.
I know more days will be spent out than in if the weather keeps up. Enjoy it!
A quick note of congratulations goes out to my good friend Emily, and her husband, Casey. They welcomed their new son, Jonas Warren into the world yesterday afternoon. Congratulations!


tarambarker said...

Yes! We spent the whole morning outside, doing decidedly getting-ready-for-summer-type things like shoveling up the last of the winter's dog poop and raking leaves and sticks, all without jackets on! And it was so nice out, we ate lunch on the front lawn! Sad to say, there was a bit of crying when I insisted that Kalen take his nap INSIDE. ;)

I hear tomorrow will be even warmer . . .

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

yay! nora the explora!
sooooo cute. isnt the silver house cozy? :) cant wait to get to maine.