Glamour Shots

Some days I scroll through the posts I've made to this blog and think to myself how wonderful life with Nora (and Shane and Bark) is. We live in a beautiful area, are healthy and happy and I'm lucky enough to get to stay home every day with Nora. Of course, other days I think to myself that I get to stay home every day with Nora. As in, 24/7, 365 days a year. Now, I'm not necessarily complaining, because I know I've got it good. However, I don't want to trick anyone into thinking that our lives are anywhere near perfect. At all. Case in point:
Nora was having a bit of a cranky day today and though she wouldn't go down for a nap, she wanted to be held. I was madly trying to get the house cleaned/laundry done/dishes washed/sap boiled/everyone packed before my Dad came to pick us up. I had run outside quickly with Nora on my back to grab something and it was drizzling slightly, so it came as no surprise that my shirt felt a little damp once inside. Mind you, I hadn't heard a peep from the little one. Imagine my shock when I reached back to hand her the pacifier and my fingers slid through this:
Yeah, totally gross, I know, but I had to post it to give you a slightly more realistic perspective. I promise that as soon as I had snapped the pic she was off my back and cleaned up, as was I. And actually, I think I was more grossed out than she was. I buckled her in the highchair, gave her a few toys to play with, and within ten minutes she was asleep. Apparently she just needed to clean out her system a little.
In any case, she seems to be feeling better and hopefully will be up for a nice visit with Nanny and Grampy tonight, and Grandma and Grandpa this week! Have a nice weekend, everyone!


Hayley said...

Ewww. What a wonderful treat she left you. =]Next time you see me I'll have my tattoo!!!
Nora probably won't recognize me since I'm getting my whole face tattooed. =]

Just kidding.

No but really. She won't.

Don't tell mom.

Shane said...

That is awesome. She looked so sad, but you kept her wallowing in her own vomit for a quick photo shoot. Poor little girl, but I'm glad to hear that she is feeling better. I'll see you both tomorrow, can't wait.