This week is spring vacation for Shane, so we get to spend lots of time with him. Today we were outside for a good part of the day working on the yard. Tim came out and did a huge amount of work around the house, too. I must say, the yard does look pretty wonderful at this point. When the snow finally melted away all that was left was a gross, muddy wasteland. Now it has dried up a bit and has been raked. The flowers around the house are just starting to bloom and I planted a few herbs and some tomatoes in a few pots, too. We also hung Nora's swing up. Initally she was not at all interested, but after a few tries she started to really like it.
After spending the afternoon crawling around in the garden, Nora was ready for a bath. I was a little surprised the water didn't turn a nice shade of tan when she got in, but then again I had added an extra shake of her milky bath powder.
She was ready for bed soon after, probably due to the fact that she only had one nap today. Yup, there is a reason this blog is named so. Good night, everyone!


Hayley said...

Why is she not buckled?!!?!?

Bad parenting right there.


Caitlyn said...

She WAS buckled, but she's figured out how to pull one arm out and freaks out when I try to stick it back under the strap. For now I just have to stand there with her while she swings. :)

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

aggggggh! she looks so much like the shaner! especially in that top picture.(sorry shane-she's way cuter:) sorry if i posted this twice-its not letting me post comments for some reason:(

Hayley said...

haha I was talking about the picture when shes in the car!!!

Caitlyn said...

Oh, right, the car pic. Yeah, we don't believe in seatbelts. I mean, have they even proven that they help at all? And carseats? WAY overrated. (A note to all you strangers reading: I'm just kidding.)