The 'Totty' Chronicles

I recently bought Nora a little training toilet just to have around so she could get used to seeing it and sitting on it. When I told Shane about the new 'potty', he immediately recoiled. 'Don't ever say the word potty again!' was the phrase I believe he used. Rather than fight with him over it, I told him to come up with some other term we can use, and thus, the 'totty' was born, as was the rule that it must be pronounced with a very fake British accent. Shane has it down pat.
In any case, I decided to sit her down on it this afternoon and see what her reaction would be. It was funny, to say the least-
Is this how Aunt Hayley does it?No, wait, this is!Okay Mum, all done!But how do I get off?Do I push myself up?Maybe I should reach over here?Yup, that did it.

Now what?Good night everyone! Listen for the peepers tonight!


Hayley said...

Yeah, that's actually is really how I do it. I Normally sit in the living room and then fall off when I'm done. It's a little bit more difficult to do when I'm living in a dorm, so normally I just put my "totty" in the middle of the hall on my floor and tell people to go around me. =]

Oh and if I keep my window wide open at night, I can hear peepers outside. It's nice.

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

wow-again-cutest baby in history...really-never seen anything cuter...i am now 100% decided she is cuter than barkley.

olliesmommy said...

OMG she is so cute! Yeah it's crazy how fast the time goes. He finally slept through the night last night so I was super excited. First full night of sleep since Oct. =-) Hope you guys have a great weekend!