All by myself...

Well, not really. I've got Nora and Barkley here to keep me company all weekend, though we are housebound. We decided to stay at the house this weekend while Shane is working. I'm not sure what, exactly, we will do with our time until Shane returns in about forty-eight hours, but we'll figure out something. At the moment, I've got a sleeping, snotty, sick baby on my lap. This weekend might not be as fun as I had hoped.
There isn't really a lot going on here, otherwise. It's nice to just have a day at home, finally. I only wish Shane could have stayed home and relaxed with us. Ah well, thus is the life of the overworked and underpaid! I can't feel too bad for him, though, after turning on the camera this morning and finding an array of crude self-portraits taken, I'm sure, just to annoy me. What a sweet husband I have! (Sorry Shane, those won't be making it onto the blog!)
Before we say good-bye for the weekend, though, I'll post a few pictures from our morning spent with Kalen. He and Nora get along so great and are really interacting with each other now, which is fun to watch. Of course, if Planet Earth is playing, Kalen isn't interested in anything else, never mind Nora.
The piano, however, provides plenty of stimulation. I'm sure Kalen is glad that Nora can't climb up and play yet.
During his visit, Kalen and Nora found a new game to play with each other. Blowing raspberries has never been so fun- or so slimy.
I hope you have a way more interesting weekend than I will!! See you Monday!


tarambarker said...

You know, in person he didn't look THAT sick (aside from the constant runny nose and puffy eyes), but in that last pic of him, with those bright red cheeks . . . FEVER! He's still warm and snotty today - wonder how long this will last? Hope Nora feels better!

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

OMG!!! stop! STOP making me love babies! haha....they are both looking like lil' red heads!

Anonymous said...

Aw Hope Nora feels better! Oliver is sick too, been sick since tuesday... poor things.