Nora has already had a very productive morning so far. If you look hard you can see the determination on her face in this first picture. I know that look well. It means we'll soon be on our way to a diaper change. Or, if Shane's home, it means Nora will soon be spending some time with her dad.
Recently it has been more and more of a struggle to change Nora's diaper. I know most parents go through this, but really, it's such a pain. We go through our usual repertoire of tricks to try to settle her, blowing raspberries, buzzing like a bee, imitating all the farm animals. Honestly, we put on an impressive performance, but none of that really seems to convince Nora to lay still for the seven seconds we need. Nothing has worked, until now. I recently let Nora hold this toothbrush Shane got from Grandma (well, his mom) and she was enthralled. I don't even turn it on, but somehow the toothbrush provides the perfect distraction to let me perform the change with no squirming at all. Relief!
These last couple pictures are from this morning. Shane made the wooden toys along with a wooden barn that we're hoping to sell on etsy. I thought we should give the toys a test run and Nora gave them her seal of approval.
Au revoir!


Shane said...

I wish I was sick again, I miss that cute girl. And Nora too.

ashesgarrett said...