No, I'm not cheating...

For those of you who don't stay up past the nine o'clock hour, you may be wondering why there is a new post. Well, I couldn't resist throwing a few more Nora pictures your way to tide you over until Thursday. (These are especially for you, Ash.)
This evening Nora had an egg for dinner for the first time. She wasn't entirely impressed with it, although she did seem to enjoy picking up the minute pieces of egg I had scattered across her high chair tray and flinging them in the general direction of Barkley. She knows exactly what she's doing; just look at the concentration on her face as she tries to dissect the egg piece.
Recently, my mom recommended that we capture Nora's toothless grin before it gives way to a mouth full of teeth. Seeing as we rarely take pictures of her, I thought I would take a few today to show everyone what impressive gums she has. See?
She's very advanced, our girl. Only 8 1/2 months old and has a grand total of... (Drumroll, please.)
ONE tooth! Yup, a whole tooth has sprouted in that beautiful little mouth of hers. We're predicting she'll be eating corn chips by the fourth grade. We're so proud!
Well, have a productive Wednesday, everyone. If you're in the area, chances are you might be hanging out at home for the day. (Or, if you're like me, you'll still be hanging out at home for the day.)
Try to do something you want to do that doesn't involve the computer or tv. I know I've been eyeing the sewing machine for a few days. It's back from the service center and calling to me every time I walk past, but for some reason the computer seems to call louder. I'll be sure to do a little sewing tomorrow and post some of my results on Thursday. In the meantime, ciao!

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ashesgarrett said...

yay, yay, yay! not only do i looove that there is a new pic post, BUT i love that i learned something....ask shane about this, but i have always thought the term was "tie you over" not TIDE! i had no idea! tide you over?...what does that even mean? like an ocean tide? hmmm, so many many things i do not know....thanks again mom:)