Today was one of those days that just never seemed to end, and yet, when the end finally arrived, I couldn't remember what I had actually accomplished! I sat at the computer this morning wondering what I could possibly post on this blog and came up empty handed. Of course, I won't be sitting at the computer tomorrow, so I'd better think of something to post about tonight.
Well, let's see. Maybe if I scan through our photos I can think of something to write about... Yup, that's right. Out of desperation, you guys get old pictures.
Ah yes, a few months ago I decided to make homemade pasta. Making pasta is a job in itself, never mind doing it with a baby fighting for your attention, but I did it anyway. It took a good amount of time, but Nora was a sweet girl and even managed to take a little snooze
Hmm, not much else is happening here. Nora and I took a trip into town this evening for some fabric and grocery shopping,then came home to an absolutely lovely, clean house thanks to Shane. Sometimes he really knows how to keep me sane. (Of course, we all know how good he is at driving me in the opposite direction...)
Have a great Wednesday, everyone. We'll try to do something a little more interesting in the next couple days!

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