Snow Day!

Yesterday we were awoken very early to the sound of the phone ringing. Lovely! A snow day! We fell back asleep (well, Nora never actually woke up, thank goodness) and were able to sleep in to the late hour of 6:30. I got up and started getting Nora ready to go upstairs when Shane asked me to leave her downstairs- he wanted to hang out with her. Oh, the excitement! I scurried around brushing my teeth and putting in contacts, trying to get upstairs as fast as I could. I wanted as much quiet time as possible, and what a morning I had.
A couple pieces of vegetable frittata, some WHO toast, a cup of tea from our favorite food store, and my favorite radio station. Honestly, I was in heaven. And fifteen minutes later when my two favorite people came upstairs in their jammies and with a favorite book, I was even more so.
Without the computer to distract me, and with Shane around to occupy Nora, I got quite a bit done. A few smocks were made, the kitchen was cleaned up, laundry was done and I even made banana muffins. All this before a trip into town for pilates.
Here the sweet baby girl models one of the smocks I finished. This one isn't exactly her size, but Barkley wasn't about to try it on for me.

Later in the afternoon I was given another little treat. While I sat down to enjoy (another) little snack of chocolate soy milk and a banana muffin, Shane and Nora got down to the business of cleaning up. She later fell asleep on his back.

Oh heavenly day. (Thank you, Patty Griffin.)


M said...

Wow, that frittata looks yummy. Stumbled in and just wanted to say hello. What a sweet baby!

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ashesgarrett said...

yay! heaven and babies strapped to backs and banana muffins and contacts! my excitement was the train came on time today and i wasn't shoved in someone's armpit while riding...wish i was there!