Welcome Spring! We're so excited you're finally here, bringing all your beautiful plants, birds, insects, and... Freezing rain?
What's up with that, Spring? I know we live in Maine, but come on, don't you think we've put up with enough of this 'wintry mix'? We want plain rain, sun, temperatures in the forties or even fifties! We even want the mud at this point.
But fine, if this is what you want to give us, we can handle it.
We've got steaming cups of tea,
warm, homemade challah,
soothing baths,
toys to entertain,
and a sweet, teething baby girl.
So bring it on Spring; you can't hold off forever. We'll wait.


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

man, nora is so lucky...i wanna stay home all day and drink tea and make challah(whatever that is) and take soothing baths and write blogs...live it up...this 8-5 and 5-midnight stuff is awful....awful i tell ya...you guys seem so happy! yayayayay! i wanna see lil teething emags right now!:(

tarambarker said...

Oh man, that challah doesn't look gluten-free. :( I'm hoping it's not part of something for this weekend that I'll have to miss out on! Beautiful, though . . .

Kalen and I were sure wishing for mud today as the wind was whipping up monstrous clouds of dust and debris! First time in ages he hasn't wanted to play outside!

Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

Tara~ do you have a kalen blog??/