This weekend Nora and I spend a lot of time with Nanny and Grampy while Shane was working down in southern Maine. We did some shopping, some visiting and some bird watching. Grampy bought Nora a new chair to sit in so we wouldn't have to hold her on our laps while we ate (and move everything within an eighteen inch radius away from her). She loved eating breakfast and watching the birds, especially her favorite:
Nora became very excited when these guys showed up, as you can see.
She is really starting to look like a little kid now, especially when she sits up in this seat. She loves being at the level of everyone around her. She also has a third tooth coming in; her top right tooth in the front is just about to break through.
She's pretty adorable, don't you think? And can you see any resemblance to either parent here??
Nora also is still loving her best friend, Barkley. The two love to stalk turkeys together. And paw at the window. And pound the glass.Enjoy your Monday!


Ashleigh Garrett Long said...

me. love. nora.

Hayley said...

I also love Nona. Right now I am standing in the kitchen at Chris' apartment, as close to the window as I can possibly get, mooching wireless from the hospital. =]]]]] yay.
I would like to eat some fresh pasta now.