The next edition of Computer-Free Wednesday is on it's way, so of course I had to put together a second post tonight for your enjoyment. Let me warn you all ahead of time- this will be a picture-heavy post. Nora was exuding an overwhelming amount of cuteness today and I couldn't resist snapping a few (hundred) shots. Thank goodness we have a digital camera. Otherwise we would end up just like someone (on the left), storing years worth film on a dusty bookshelf until we remembered to bring them in for development. Instead we store thousands of pictures on the computer until we remember to bring them to Target to print out. Maybe technology hasn't brought us as far forward as we once thought...
Okay, on to the photo-palooza. Our first set of shots features a sweet pair of overalls given to Grandma by Aunt Sandie years ago when Shane was little. These finally fit Nora for the most part. The legs are a little long, but they don't ride up like all the other overalls we have, and gosh darn it, they're cute!
Our next picture montage will include the late lunch of peas, mint and applesauce Nora enjoyed this afternoon. Usually I wouldn't combine these items, but I only had one frozen cube of peas and mint left and tons of applesauce. Usually, Nora doesn't care for applesauce but today, mixed with peas, she loved it.
Well, love is a strong word, but she definitely kind of liked it.
Our last two pictures are a comparison of Nora and her cousin, Kalen. I took a shot of Nora today and immediately thought of him. Do you see the similarity, or is it just me?

Shane has just informed me that the only ways in which they look alike is the tilt of their heads and the fact that they're both babies. Okay, maybe I'm not quite right on here. At least you get to see some cute pictures of the kids.
Stay tuned for the Thursday post in which we'll talk all about the exciting two-hour adventure we went on this afternoon. See you then!


tarambarker said...

Well, in defense of the kids, I DO see a similarity. Maybe more pronounced to me, though, because that orange shirt looks just like one Kalen has. (Had? IS that Kalen's shirt?) Anyway, cute pics!

And what's this I hear about photo developing? You mean you're still supposed to develop digital pics? I thought the whole point of the digital revolution was to get away from paper! And then whenever you want to show people your family album, you just whip out the computer (admittedly easier when it's a laptop)! :)

Hayley said...

hahah I love the first picture with her face all scrunched up. She's cuuuuuuute!!!